Top 6 Trends Of Digital Marketing In 2019

Traditionally, at the end of the year, experts in all areas summarize and try to predict the future of their industries. Most often, the forecasts supported by these data come true, as they allow identifying trends and assessing the degree of their influence on the market. Marketing trends 2019 is no exception.

Of course, your strategy for the coming year will not be turned upside down. But if you take into account a few important points in it, you can gain time and apply new technologies before competitors. How to refuse such?

Enumerate current trends in Internet marketing can be infinite. Everything that should have become a trend in 2019.

1. Short videos

Due to the long video content, it gets more difficult to inspect lengthy videos, and this is a significant signal for brands. Short video helps to solving this issue. As per analysis, 89% of users not interested to watch ads more than 10 seconds and more than half of users lose interest in the long video products or items after a moment of viewing.

2. Chat bots

The chat bot industry is one of the best trends in digital marketing in 2019, as per data more than 85% companies interact with customers/users through chat bots.

The advantage of chat bots is the ability to provide supports 24/7 in week. which increase customers satisfaction and response rating as well as affect SEO and Brand Promotions.

Many peoples are worry about chat bots due to lack of knowledge and experience. In the recent study more than 75% customers are satisfied with the chat bots interactions.

3. Voice search

In 2019 voice search helps to find the relevant content with the help of voice command. About 30% to 35% action will performed on the internet without help of hands and 50% queries will be search by voice command in 2020. Brands need to develop like siri, Alexa & Google Assistant. According to recent data, not all users use voice functions yet. Surveys showed that 62% of marketers are not going to engage in the development of this direction in 2019, in many respects, because they do not realize all the advantages of this trend. But this is only a temporary phenomenon.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is the important tactics of digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies use video marketing techniques to promote their online brand or business. By 2019, 80% Interested in video content. According to study 85% video marketers use video content to promote brand website or products.

Live broadcasts is also best techniques, video markets use live broadcast to engage customers. It’s look longer than videos. This creates all the conditions for the development of emissions in digital marketing.

Video materials have the opportunity not only to demonstrate the product, but also to entertain the client. They will promote the development of brands, and brands should be represented on all platforms.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the best methods of Digital marketing. According to data, about 85% marketing firms use artificial intelligence into their work. An AI trend offers great opportunities for marketers, making it easier for them to measure ROI, making it more accurate.

With this tool, companies will be able to better respond and solve marketing problems and sales funnels. AI will gradually take on time-consuming tasks: analysis of advertising campaigns, bidding, and selection of keywords.

Artificial Intelligence helps to increase the effectiveness of campaigns and achieve goals faster. It is important to combine artificial intelligence and human creativity.

6. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Digital marketing agencies are moving on social media platform like Facebook and Instagram to promote their business or brands. Marketing Agencies promoted business & products online or prefer to pay for promotions on social media platform. Social Media Advertising or Social Media Marketing is the utilisation of paid adverts to capitalize on consumer interaction. Social Media Optimisation is not just about exotic images and exquisite content.

According to research, 31% brands promote their account on Instagram with advertising. In 2017 figure was 24% and in 2016 was less than 12%. In the last 5 years, advertising on social media platform has grown 8 times.

You should Use Instagram and Facebook platform to increase visibility or awareness of your brand without lose time.

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