Our Companies

At Daher Holding we aim to  have a touch in every industry.

New Startups

At Daher Holding we love & support start-ups. Our companies are fully supported and directed by our team of experts.

Personal TOUch

We assure that every company operating under our roof, offers the same high quality service at all times.

Cloud to cloud

We have implemented effective communication methods that can help to foster a relationship between all Daher Holding companies.

Al Safeer Cars

Al Safeer Cars is one of the leading car showrooms in Sharjah, that aims to provide the best cars and service to customers in the region. 

Established by Hassan Daher who has years of experience in the automobile industry, the showroom has been enhancing driving moments and enriching car ownership for years.

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Rems Workshop

Rems Workshop was established in 1993 and the workshop has been dealing with Dubai Taxi Corporation since its establishment. 

They also deal with insurance companies including: 
Sharjah Insurance Company, Oman Insurance Company, Al Saqr Insurance Company, Noor Takaful Insurance Company, Al Buhaira Insurance Company, Al Wathba Insurance Company, Qatar Insurance Company. 

The workshop is fully equipped with the equipment and workers to serve your needs.

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Pick Global

Pick is a company that provides everyday on demand services, with the use of modern powerful technology.

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Daher Records

We believe every artist deserves to become popular and put a mark in the music and entertainment industry. With Daher Records we make your dreams come true at a very competitive price. Daher Records.

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Alwa Group

Alwa Group is a retail company that owns and operates leading international concepts across the Middle East and Europe. Since 2018, the Group has grown a substantial chain of online stores representing leading international brand names in fashion and accessories.

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Daher Technology

Daher Technology are the builders and makers of each database and website made for the Daher Holding group. 

They now operate from Lithuania and India, and they are the cheapest in the market when it comes to branding and website making.

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Go TripCompare

Go TripCompare caters to the diverse needs of travellers from all around the world, by offering competitively-priced flights on over 450 airlines, more than 1.5 million hotels all around the world and complete holiday package solutions for top destinations.

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The Next Big Thing!

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